Saturday, 23 February 2008

Duck Phase

Have I ever mentioned that I hate the wind?
I decided to go up the coast today, to East Chevington, Duridge Pools and Cresswell Pond.
Nothing much at East Chevington again today apart from 11 Oystercatcher, 4 Greylag Geese, 4 Mallard 50+ Wigeon and 8 Goldeneye. I was hoping to see the Bittern that has been so frequently seen here in recent months but that was just a pipe dream.
On to Duridge Pools next were I saw 12 Teal, 4 Shellduck, 4 Grey Heron, 4 Goldeneye and 1 Female Red Breasted Merganser.
It seemed to be the turn of the Goldeneye in the Duck Phase today as I also saw 10 more at Cresswell pond along with 50+ Lapwing, 4 Mallard, 1 Shoveler,60 + Wigeon, 12 Teal, 10 Tufted Duck,2 Scaup,1 Male Red Breasted Merganser, 3 Mute Swan, 1 Kestrel and 100+ Pink Footed Geese a few fields away.
I wonder what Duck will be the feature of the Duck Phase next time? Oh wait a minute I forgot I don't care. Still no Bloody Water Rail!
I wonder why the water level was so high everywhere today? I didn't think it had rained that much over night.
Bring on the spring!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Dodgy Water Pipit photo

and so it begins....

Before I even get started I must add that I hate the wind!!!
I went to ST. Mary's yesterday to try and get some photos of the Water Pipit that has been seen here recently as well as having a look for some winter visitors on the Wetland.
Although I achieved what I set out to do I still feel disappointed because there was nothing of great interest on the wetland and the pictures that I took are out of focus and too far away to see any detail. I blame the wind!!!
Also the tide was in so I couldn't even go onto the island, a very frustrating day.
All that I managed to see on the Wetland was 1 Mute Swan, 5 Mallards, 3 Wigeon, 8 Teal, 1 Greater Black Backed Gull, 50+ Black Headed Gull and 70+ Starling and still no Water Rail!!!
On the rocks opposite the car park there were 6 Greater Black Backed Gull, 50+ Turnstone, 1 Redshank, 2 Lapwing and 1 Water Pipit.
Nothing exciting in the car park either as there was only 50+ Black Headed Gull and 2 Common Gull.
The only other interesting sighting was a Juv GBB Gull killing a Black Headed Gull and then dropping it repeatedly into the sea.