Saturday, 29 March 2008

Why now!

Glaucous, Ross's, Iceland gulls, White Stork and Fire Crests have all been seen across the Northumberland in the last few days but I will not have a chance to see any of them.
I know for a fact that the next time I will be able to go bird watching will be the end of June at the earliest due to a busy few month of tests and other bird denying events.
The Glacous Gulls are always at Linton so I'm not to concerned about them or the Iceland.
The Ross's Gull seems to have just been passing and with no more sightings of I don't think that it will be returning.
The second most frustrating thing is that the Firecrest's have now decided to turn up at St.Mary's wetland just after I went there six times in three weeks, typical.
The most frustrating thing about all of these sightings is the White Stork at Fawdon. It must be the only bird ever seen at Fawdon after it was reported near Morpeth and then Gosforth.
There has been a White Stork seen at two different locations in the borders this last night, hopefully not the same one that was at Fawdon. Why can't the stupid thing settle down at Big Waters or Arcot Pond or something?
Nothing much to report in Crammy for a while now but there was the mysterious long toed bird seen on wednesday morning at half eight.
My dad was at the bus stop at Brockwell at half eight when he said he saw a strange long legged and toed, grey and white bird just bigger than a Chicken land on the patch of grass next to somerfields.
After showing him multiple picture we came to the conclusion that it was a very young and confused Grey Heron.
Hopefully next wednesday it will be a White Stork.
Also I would again like to thank the helpful people on ST.Mary's birding.

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