Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Bean Goose! ( finally)

Went to Cresswell today to try once again and see the Tiaga Bean Goose that I have chased after at both Hauxley and Longhirst flash, after it was reported at Cresswell on sunday,( check older posts).
From the hide there were the usuals as well as a little Egret being bullied by a Grey heron near the causway. After an initial scan I couldn't see anything and thought it had escaped back to Brandon Quarry, Powburn where it usually lives, that was until I noticed a large goose cleaning itself in amongst a group of cormorants on the left bank of the pond. Yes!!!
It's bright orange legs and black beak confirmed that was the goose, a lifer taking my total to 161.
Will be on holiday for a week or so now in northern Ireland and Scotland so no posts but I am planning on going to Caerlaverock N.R and Strangford Lough N.R. so hopefully when I return I will be even closer to the big 200!

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