Friday, 3 October 2008

Grey Wagtail...Again

It always seems like every time I see a lifer or patch tick that I will then see about twenty the next week.
Today I was walking home through the village square and as I past the war memorial I heard another Grey Wagtail which then flew over and landed near parkside.
I had never seen a Grey Wagtail in crammy before until Monday, flying over the train tracks at Beacon Hill and now thats two in five days.
Hopefully I will complete the set and see a Yellow Wagtail (which would also be a lifer).
Pied Wagtails are common in Crammy and are best viewed around the libary and the track leading up to CLV ( Cramlington Learning Village), which next month will be a year ago since I saw a White Wagtail everyday for two weeks around the schools gates.

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