Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Jackdaws and Starlings

There are hundreds of Starlings around in cramlington at the minute sitting in all the usual Waxwing spots.
I'm holding them responsible for the lack of Waxwings in crammy so far.
Also I have seen 3 separate groups of jackdaw flying over different locations in crammy over the last week after not seeing as many this year. one group of 25 another of 24 and one of 15.
There is doubt over the status of the Snow goose and as I haven't seen one at all, captive or wild I am really finding it hard not to go back to holywell for another attempt.
No! must do work...
It makes it even worse when the bus that stops at Holywell is going past every hour or so.
Forgot to add yeaterday that I heard another Water Rail calling from the reeds by the public hide, that makes 3 at least.

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