Sunday, 4 October 2009

Back and a Lap

I have been back at home this weekend so this morning I went for a sea watch at Newbiggin with SH.
Since the wind from last night had died down it wasn’t looking good for a sea watch so we only stayed for just over an hour.
A Great Skua just off the rocks at Church Point was the highlight, other than that a few Divers and Auks heading north was about it.
Whilst watching the sea we heard a Bunting type call which was soon identified as a Lapland Bunting- Lifer!
Two Laps flew past church point towards the church and car park calling, I was told by SH to mention that Tim Cleeves was one of the birders at Church Point this morning which and he was able to confirm them as Lapland Buntings.

Once we had left Newbiggin we headed back to the patch. At Arcot Pond there was a good count of Teal at the back of the pond.
A Nuthatch was calling from the southwest corner and a Lesser Redpoll- Patch Tick, flew over three times.
112- Lesser Redpoll

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