Monday, 5 July 2010

Little 3 Great White 2

I got an inevitable call from LMcD this afternoon about a Little Egret – Patch Tick, at Arcot Pond. After being lucky enough to see the three at Holywell yesterday I thought that one would turn up at Arcot or another local pond.
I checked the ever expanding island in the North West Corner when I got to the pond and could just see the Egret half hidden in a clump of reeds. It wasn’t long until it was forced out of hiding by one of the local Herons.
There are five records of Egrets in Cramlington, (3 Little, 2 Great White) and all have been since May last year. I have managed to see all three Little but none of the Great Whites. I still think it is strange that all the records have come from Arcot rather than the just as suitable habitat of West Hartford.

108 – Little Egret


Birding Sometimes said...

Little Egret must be a very strong contender for the next new sp. at WH.

Crammy Birder said...

Its up there along with I Curlew Sandpiper I think