Saturday, 7 August 2010

Staying Local

I was out with SH this morning, with there not being much to get excited about in the county we just checked a few local sights starting with Arcot Pond.

Apart from 8 Grey Heron, a few geese and gulls the pond was quiet until a Kingfisher – Patch Tick, flew across the pond whilst calling and landed on a post in the SE corner.
It stayed for about ten minutes; caught a few fish and bashed their heads against the post before eating them.
It’s a good thing I saw the Kingfisher as when I was on holiday I missed a Cuckoo and Whimbrel on the patch

Next we checked the low tide at Cambois. Not much on the estuary but 6, including 1 juvenile, Roseate Tern were amongst a large group of Common Terns on the beach.

The Blyth Estuary had a bit more to offer with 3 Whimbrel amongst the Curlew and Oystercatchers. Also 2 Water Rail were squealing from the reeds at Baites Filtration Pools.

On the way back we checked West Hartford and were surprised to see that work on the fire station is almost complete. The water level has risen slightly but the only thing on the main pool was 5 Juv Shelduck.

111- Kingfisher

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