Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I went to St.Mary’s yesterday morning with SH to look for the Greenish Warbler, which had just been reported.
With the combined effort of a few birders it didn’t take long until the Greenish Warbler – Lifer, was spotted in the willows next to the dipping pool.
It didn’t show as well as the Willow Warbler, which was in the same tree but I did manage to get good enough views. It went missing for a few minutes before being relocated in willows further left.
This is where I got the best views as it caught insects near the treetops in the sunlight.

Whilst watching the Greenish somebody mentioned a Barred Warbler, which they had found in the bushes on a mound further up the costal path.
We checked the area for over half an hour but there wasn’t a single bird to be seen never mind a Barred Warbler.

Instead of going to Blyth which was the original plan we crossed the river and went to Whitburn Steel as the Bonaparte’s Gull had been around all morning.
When we arrived there had been no sign for over an hour and after scanning through all the gulls on the beach with no success we left.

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