Friday, 1 April 2011

Fooling around

After finishing doing some shopping in Manor Walks this afternoon I was crossing the road between the Pheonix pub and the library when I heard that familiar trilling. 26 Waxwings were spread accross three trees on the grass to the left of the path. I stood under the trees for about ten minutes watching them trill, fly around and then land on the berry bushes under the pheonix sign before coming back to the trees above. A few of them had taken berries back to the trees and I was showered with them at one point as they flew off when a Herring Gull got too close.


Darren Mead said...

Im thinking about setting up a Birdwatching week for our year 9 students, I was wondering if you would be interested in helping?

Darren Mead said...

I am planning a birdwatching week with the Year9 at CLV, I was wondering if you'd be interested and available to help out?
Ive followed this thread so we can communicate or if you are a student at CLV then you can pop to see me! Thanks for the consideration.