Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hartford Bridge

On Friday evening I went to Hartford Bridge with LMcD in search of Dipper. When we walked down to the river from the roadside, the first thing we saw was an overweight Labrador trying to avoid drowning in the river, ruining any chance of the Dipper appearing.
Instead we walked the 1 ½ miles down stream to the Stannington Viaduct. Apart from a few Mallards the river was quiet.

On the way back now that the dog had gone (or drowned) we looked down both sides of the river from the bridge and straight away I spotted an adult Dipper sitting preening itself on a floating log on the left side of the river.

The Dipper was on the Cramlington side of the river so this is a long overdue new species on the patch for me. Also whilst watching the Dipper a Kingfisher flew west along the river and under the bridge.

101 – Dipper

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