Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Drive by Raptors

On the train home this morning I had excellent view of a Sparrowhawk chasing a flock of Feral Pigeons near the centre of Hartlepool.
Later on I spotted a Merlin sitting in a dead tree overlooking a costal field near Seaham.
Also I have heard a Song Thrush singing in Middlesbrough town centre early morning over the last few days.


Johnnykinson said...

I had a couple of Shorties at West Hartford late this after/ evening. Whilst leaving i had a bat flying initially close to the metal railings beside the tree line next to the larger body of water. It flew along the track for about 20 metres back and forth and noticed me , i think, and seemed to investigate. I had it in view for 5/ 10 minutes. It was between 75- 100mmm wing to wing and 75mmm ish in lemgth. Do you know which species inhabit area. If anyone you know has a bat detector it could be assertained by the echo location frequency.

Crammy Birder said...

I have seen bat sp. in the past at WH but only in late spring/early summer. I dont know which species are around but I do know someone with a bat detector. If I find anything out I will tell you.