Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wind Ternbine

I started an internship in Blyth a couple of weeks ago for a few hours each week. I had to be in the last two saturdays as they were short staffed so once I finished headed off to Blyth Harbour.

A trawler had just arrived and with it about 300 gull mostly Herring. 10 Kittiwakes including a juvenile bird were sitting on the staithe next to the harbour masters office.
Most of the gulls had settled on the water and were feeding on scraps from the boat until the GBB Gulls landed and forced the others off.

After getting sand blasted by the strong winds on the beach I then got rained on, heavily as I watched a pair of Ringed Plover trying to distract me from their nest.
A Sandwich Tern landed on the roof of the big yellow factory just outside the harbour. It had a bill full of sand eels and then I noticed that it was feeding two large young. They dont breed there so must have landed still a strange site.

The best sighting though was an adult Roseate Tern on the small area of beach between the mains piers next to the much smaller pier. A few Common Terns were also there and soon a juvenile Roseate landed near the adult.

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