Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bothal Todd's

After failing to once again to locate the Todd’s Canada Geese at QE2 this morning with LiverBirder despite scanning every goose and field in the area, I had another go this afternoon.

I was on my way anyway to visit family in Morpeth so we had a quick detour to Bothal Pond. 150+ Canada Geese were on the edge of the pond south of the farm. After scanning through I could see 3 obvious Todd’s Canada Geese- lifer. The main ID points were that they noticeably smaller than the surrounding Canadas, had thinner necks and longer bills, the back was nearly all brown and there was no white neck collar. After checking through again I think there may have been four birds in total but the flock was constantly moving and feeding so viewing was difficult at times. Also a leucistic Canada Goose was present amongst the flock.

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