Sunday, 17 February 2013

Still around

We were passing West Hartford in the car this afternoon and with the perfect light he stopped to see if the SEO was hunting.
As soon as we got out the car we could see it hunting around the fire station field before it landed on a fence post along the entrance plantation.

As we got closer I could hear the trilling of Waxwings and looked up in time to see nine flying south together over the substation. They circled the area for a minute before landing in the trees above the West Hartford Business Park sign. They spent the next five minutes dropping down from the trees onto the berry bushes before a land rover got too close and they flew off over the roundabout into the Northburn estate.

They were probably part of the larger flock seen around the Northburn area for most of this year. The flock hasn’t been seen for a week now so they way have split up and some may have moved into theBedlington area.

We watched the Short Eared owl hunt near the main pool before another was spotted hunting nearer the farm. The two then hunted near each other and flushed a Grey Heron from the reeds. The pool was still full of Teal and a single Curlew landed.

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