Friday, 8 March 2013

Enemy Territory

With the Cramlington vs Big Waters 2013 patch listing competition in full swing I visited enemy territory to see what was about. Not really I went to Big Waters with Cain this morning to practice using my new camera.

The wasn’t much out of the ordinary on the water from the 5 star hotel hide but its comfortable seats did make practicing with the camera in the freezing cold conditions more enjoyable even if the light was awful.
Whilst in the hide we were shown the unfortunate Long Eared Owl, which had died on Monday. Up close I really appreciated how small they are.

Once the feeding station was filled up the birds appeared with 8+ Moorhen, Pheasants, Reed Bunting and a Willow Tit amongst the mass feeding on the grain. 

Anyway it was nice to practice and take a few shots even if they are a bit dull.

Flight Shot


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