Sunday, 26 May 2013

Grey in the sun

I had an hours wander around West Hartford early this morning. Nothing new in the way of birds but a Speckled Wood Butterfly was near the sub station.

On my way  back I took a detour into Nelson Industrial Estate. I took the path near the NE corner of the estate just off the WH roundabout. I could hear something moving in the branches above me and unfortunately there was a Grey Squirrel looking back at me. This is the furthest north  have seen one in Cramlington and perilously close to the Plessey stronghold. It soon moved off and out of site near the road.
Not much else of note on the estate but another Speckled Wood was taking advantage of the sun.

1 comment:

ST said...

Had my first grey at plessy two years ago.
Unfortunately Greys are more common than most people up here believe.