Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bridled Tern

Continuing what has been an unbelievable run of lifers for me this year, yesterday I caught up with the stunning Bridled Tern on Inner Farne. No early boat trip, myself and LMcD played it cool and went accross on the 10:30 boat, a decision that nearly cost us the bird.
It had last been seen at 10:02 and there was no sign during the first hour we waited on the jetty. At one point a birder said he could hear it calling but we couldn't see it. The mass of Arctic Terns on the rocks kept flying around and at some point it must have sneaked back in as with only 5 minutes until the boat headed back to the mainland I spotted it on the rocks under a group of Puffins. It was surprisingly well camouflaged amongst the grey rocks and Terns. Eventually it took to the skies and showed amazingly well looking more like a frigate bird in flight!

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