Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Goats who stare at men

At one with nature

Yesterday I got the chance to see something in Northumberland that I have always wanted to see – Wild Goats.
With Cain doing some work up in the Cheviots photographing them it was the ideal opportunity to not only see them but get up close and see how these ancient creatures live. We focused on three main herds around the border ridge area of the Cheviots north of Alwinton. The weather was perfect and there was some bird life to keep up the interest including Ravens cronking overhead, Buzzard, Red Grouse and the most Meadow Pipits I have seen in a long time. The roads around Alwinton were littered with Red Legged Partridge and every lowland stream through the hills held small family parties of Goosander.  As well as the goats Roe Deer and a sun bathing Fox were seen.

As you would expect the goats were in the most awkward parts of the hills so photographic opportunities (for my camera anyway) were limited. The herds were mostly a mixture of generations with some kids and females staying together and the Billie’s leading them as they grazed on the hills. The 11 hours we spent in their company yesterday was a great insight into their lives and a truly wild experience.

Billy on the hillside


Johnnykinson said...

Sounds fabulous.

Early Worm said...

Well done seeing wild goats, a pretty incredible species. I'm surprised at how close you managed to get though, I personally thought they would be flighty, but you live and learn!

Crammy Birder said...

Cheers, the main herds were quite flighty and it took a few hours for them too get close. The main photograph is of a single old Billy who seemed to be on his last legs which is probably why he wasn't bothered by us.