Sunday, 8 February 2015

WH Dusk

I spent a productive hour at dusk at West Hartford last night. The amazing sunset was a good enough view in its own rite but the birds present were pretty good. The Great Grey Shrike was active around the row of dead trees behind the main pool and on the tops of the long grass as was a male Stonechat.
A flock of 30+ Meadow Pipit was probably the biggest flock I've ever seen at Wh. They flew around before settling down to feed in the marshy field before roosting in the reed bed. From the reed bed I could hear a pair of Water Rail squealing away and soon another third bird joined in from nearer the flooded channel nearer the fire station along with a Moorhen.
Eventually a Barn Owl appeared and flew around the brick building  for a while and as I was leaving a female Goosander flew south over the fire station. On my way to WH a Mallard flew over my street, a bird I still haven't seen from the house. I couldn't see any Little Egrets on the stretch of the Horton Burn I walked but a Grey Heron standing amongst the trees in Northburn Park was a strange sight.

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