Monday, 29 December 2008

Duff Birding

I was planning to go to Derwentside today on the Red Kite walk but after seeing that it was 11 miles long thought...Nah.
Instead I went to East Chevington and for the first time walked all the way around. Usually I just go to the hide nearest to the road. Chevington has been quite quiet this year and I have not seen anything good there.. well ever.
I started from the hide next to the wooden bridge. After finally getting into the noisey metal hide I was pleased to see that two channels have been made through the reeds which makes viewing a lot better.
A stoat ran in front of the hide and into the reeds which flushed a moorhen, mute swan, Tufted Duck and a Water Rail. The Water Rail stood still in the left channel for a minute before flying off over the reeds and out of sight. I heard it calling for a while.
That was the highlight of the day. On the water there was Goldeneye,Wigeon, Mute Swan ect. 12 Greylag flew over and a kestrel, Goldfinch and Stonechat were around the dunes.

20 Whooper swans were still in the field near Widdrington but no sign of any White Fronted near Linton, or Waxwings.

On the way home I stopped in Morpeth, no Waxwings there either but I did see Damien Duff in Morrisons.

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Stewart said...

Take it easy young Crammy, Rome wasn't built in a day :) theres plenty to be had a Chev if you put the time in. I've had GW Egret, LB Dowitcher, Subalpine and Humes Warblers, Broad billed Sand, Lesser Yellowlegs, White Rumped Sand, Temmincks Stint and Kentish Plover, Squacco Heron, Purple Heron, White winged Black Tern, Crane etc etc...

Styick at it, its one of the best sites in the county.