Saturday, 9 May 2009

WH Waders at last!

The lack of post recently is due to coursework deadlines etc, so I’m just managing the odd visit to West Hartford.
After the rain this afternoon I thought that it would be a good time to visit West Hartford so I checked at half 5 when the rain had stopped and the sun came out.
Despite the showers the water level at the pool is even lower. After a quick scan I could only see a couple of Gulls and 2 Shellduck.
I checked the small pool where 2 more Shellduck flew off and joined the pair on the main pool.
A Swift – Patch Tick, flew low overhead, struggling against the wind.
I looked back onto the main pool and saw the two pairs of Shellduck fighting, one ran forward with its neck out stretched and its head low making a grunting noise, I’ve never seen them do this before.
As I was watching them fight I noticed two-summer plumage Black- Tailed Godwits- Patch Tick in the water near the back of the pool.
Behind the Shellduck I could see a Lapwing, which was now on the exposed mud at the back of the pool, next to it was a small wader running along the shore.
I moved around to the other side of the pool where I met Lindsay McDougall who had also seen the BTG’s.
We moved closer to the back of the pool, to try and identify the wader, which had now disappeared.
We found it again and saw that it was a Little Ringed Plover- Patch Tick.
It was too small to be a ringed plover and it was paler with a black beak. It ran up and down the shoreline before settling down on the mud.
A curlew landed on the smaller pool and a few Mallards and Jackdaws flew around the main pool.
I have been trying to work out the official boundaries of Cramlington recently but it is proving harder than it sounds.

94 - Swift

95 - Black-Tailed Godwit

96 - Little Ringed Plover

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