Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cirl Bunting!

A few months ago I got in contact with the Cornwall Cirl Bunting release manager, to find out about where a good place to see them was.
After many helpful emails I knew the best place and yesterday we had a look.

After only being at the secret site five minutes 2 Juvenile Cirl Buntings began calling from a hedge row.
It wasn't long until a male Cirl Bunting - Lifer, flew over and landed very obligingly on top of the hedge row, where it stayed not bothered by our presence.
A female was feeding on the ground with some Chaffinches before flying off.
The close views of the male Cirl alllowed me to pick out some fine details on the bird such as the slightly raised crest and row of rust coloured spots on its chest.
It looked like a cross between a Corn, Lapland, Reed bunting and a Yellowhammer, what a bird!

Last night after a heavy thunder storm which lit up the sea, a Tawny Owl began calling in the garden.


Birding Sometimes said...

Cirl - Always a good bird to see in the south west. If you get time on your way home you could pop to Aylesbeare Common just east of Exeter - Dartford Warbler is reliable there...

Stewart said...

Crammy Dartfords are on Cornish coastal heaths now too! Look out anywhere with heather and rank gorse...Look for Cettis flying to the nest. Singers are just too difficult but I have had a few not singing with young'uns at Slapton, Radipole and Walberswick...