Saturday, 21 November 2009

Car Park Patch Tick

After coming back from the dentist yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in the car, which was parked in the Sainsbury's car park at Manor Walks shopping centre.
I have always thought that car parks are under watched areas and usually Waxwings are the only birds to be reported from them.
So whilst waiting I scanned through the BH Gull Flock which was on top of the bottle bank and scanned through all the trees and bushes surrounding the car park.
My old bins were on the floor of the car, so once I readjusted my eyes I began looking.
Nothing was in the bushes or amongst the mobile gull flock but I did get some close up views of some Starlings which were feeding next to the car.
I opened the window to see if I could hear anything and it wasn't long until 6 Redwing flew over, Seeping as they went.

Whilst watching the Jackdaws fly above Cramlington Hall I noticed a large duck struggling against the wind as it flew quite low over the treetops.
At first I thought I was watching the outline if a Diver but as it flew closer I could pick out the black wings, heavy white body and dark straight pointed head of a male Goosander, Patch Tick!
Still struggling against the wind it flew over towards Arcot.

I just remembered that back in February I was sitting in almost the same car parking spot when a flock of Pink Footed Geese flew over.
Also many years ago L McD had a Fulmar fly over Manor Walks, I wonder how many other species have been overlooked over the years.

113 - Goosander

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Birding Sometimes said...

I had common buzzard over manor walks in the late '90s