Sunday, 15 November 2009

King at last

On Friday I quickly went to West Hartford at Dusk. I thought that with the influx of Short Eared Owls to Prestwick Carr that a few could have turned up at Hartford but there was no sign.
There wasn’t much around apart from 2 scruffy looking Juv Mute Swans on the main pool.

This morning me and my mate, (who is slowly becoming more interested in birding) checked the Horton Burn again for what must be nearly the 20th time over the last two months for the elusive Kingfisher- Patch Tick, but finally today it was there.
It flew from a branch just over the burn wall towards the fire station and landed on a pile of compost where it stayed for a few minutes before flying back towards us, flew over our heads and back down towards the other end of the burn.
As it flew overhead I could hear it making a high pitched whistling call which I heard later on further down the burn whilst watching a Grey Wagtail which was hunting insects.

We also checked the trees behind Cramlington Hall, later on, for Brambling but no sign, nothing else seen during the trip back despite searching the the graveyard for while.
112 – Kingfisher

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