Sunday, 13 December 2009

Starlings, Sparrows and Harris Hawk

I went to West Hartford at dusk yesterday in the hope that some wildfowl had dropped in. At the best of times WH is never lifting with birds but last night it was Suspiciously quiet.
Usually it means that dog walkers, dicks on dirtbikes, hunters or just people in general have scared off the birds but yesterday the set was complete when a Harris Hawk flew from the tree next to the small pool into its owners hands.
FFS, why can't you people just piss off and stay away from my patch.
As excpected there was nothing on the now flooded pools apart from a single Grey Heron.
Also a small holes has appeared next to the small pool which the flood water is running into, so soon I might have no patch to get pissed off about.

I could hear the hawks bells jingling as it flew from lampost to lampost before landing on the new fire station.
When I got back to the car my parents told me that the Harris hawk had landed on the roof and had made scratches with its claws.

When I came back from uni last week I found that my parents where having the drive and part of the garden dug up. Good idea the drive looks shite, only one problem they dug up the plum tree!
This is the plum tree where I saw my first Woodcock, Redwing and many others and is still the main attraction for birds in the garden.
With the work being completed last week I found that some compensation had been given in the form of another bird feeder.
The new feeder combined with the old one seems to be doing the trick as today I watched 40+ Starling invaded the garden and feeders along with 20+ House Sparrow.

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