Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year

Its been a mixed year for me with the death of my grandmother, finishing my A levels and starting University.
But what a year on the birding front it has been for me. I thought last year was good but this year has surpassed all expectations.
My three favourite birding experiences this year were seeing the Cirl Buntings in Cornwall, the Nightjar night at Slaley and the Strom Petrel night at Hauxley.
Day trips to Kielder, Blacktoft Sands, Harthope and Saltholme have also been amongst the highlights.
I haven't been to Salthome as much as I would have liked since starting at Teesside but I will try and get down there more often.
The thing I have enjoyed this year the most has been the patch birding and I have finished the year on 113, not bad considering I made myself an optomistic target of 120.

Thank you to everybody that has helped me this year and I hope to see you all in 2010.

Happy new year!


Newton Stringer said...

Happy new year !! Keep up the good work in 2010....

120 pinkfeet over Cramlington this morning....

Crammy Birder said...

Cheers, I had the same flock over my garden, not a bad start to the year.