Saturday, 23 January 2010

West Hartford Wildfowl

I had a quick trip to Horton Burn and West Hartford this afternoon. No sign of the Kingfisher on the burn, again. The water level has raised a lot on the burn so the Kingfisher has probably moved further up past the fire station towards Blyth.

When I arrived at West Hartford I was suprised to find the now fully thawed main pool full of duck! Well full by WH standards.
20+ Mallards were on the water with 10+ Teal, I couldn't count them properly as they were constantly flying off and relanding in different areas, also I was too interested in watching the pair of Gadwall which were amongst the Mallards, my first ever at WH.

After a quick chat to JM (Birding Sometimes) who had just found a Jack Snipe, I was off.

34 - Kestrel
35 - Teal
36 - Mallard
37 - Gadwall
38- Grey Heron

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