Saturday, 2 January 2010

Not a bad start

The plan yesterday had been to go with SH and get the year list started but this was cancelled due to the snow.
Instead I stayed in and only went as far as the garden to de-ice the feeders and bird table.
I finished the day on 17 species, a good start to this years patch list.
The birds in and over my garden were:

1. Blackbird
2. House Sparrow
3. Starling
4. Collard Dove
5. Greenfinch
6. Dunnock
7. Black Headed Gull
8. Chaffinch
9. Carrion Crow
10. Robin
11. Long Tailed Tit
12. Blue Tit
13. Pink-Footed Geese ( 200+ over SW)
14. Herring Gull
15. Wood Pigeon
16. Great Tit
17. Magpie.

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