Friday, 28 January 2011

Any Ideas?

Before christmas I found a memory card my parents had lost in 2008. I t only contained their holiday photos from a trip to Norway they went on, but amongst them I found two photos of a strange looking crow.
I asked my dad about it and he said that on a board of recent bird sightings next to where he had taken the pictures, the bird had been called a Norwegian Jackdaw.

From looking at the photos I think it is a young Hooded Crow but could be wrong. Any ideas?

Click to enlarge but the quality isn't that good


John Malloy said...

Looks like a scraggy hoodie Phil

Stewart said...

It is a Hoodie Phil, but it isnt necessarily a young one. It has one of those moult/feather growth deformities you can sometimes find in Carrion Crows around here. You see them with white flashes in the primaries. They arent white feathers but knackered feathers that lack some kind of growth agent...

Crammy Birder said...

Aye, thought it was going to be a Hoodie. I just thought it might be a young bird because of the dodgy wings and it seems to have a shorter tail.
There is a Carrion Crow on my estate which has been around for years and has the white flashes on its wings.