Sunday, 30 January 2011

NW of the patch

As soon as I got off the train at crammy station on thursday I added to the patch list, a Rook was sitting on top of a lampost near the car park.
Whilst walking down the cycle track past Northburn School a Brambling and a few Siskin were in the bushes with the ususal flock of Green and Goldfinch.

I went to West Hartford with SH this morning in search of Jack Snipe. As we approached the marshy field a Grey Partridge was calling from behind the fire station.
No Jack but 20+ Common Snipe were around the deepest part of the field.
Whilst watching the Snipe, out of nowhere a Peregrine flew low overhead before gaining hight and landing on the pylon behind the smaller pool. It stayed for a minute or two before flying off SE.

A part from 3 Mute Swans on the pools it was quiet so we off to Hartford Bridge. 3 Dogs were swimming in the river so no chance of the Dipper being seen.
At the Windmill site a Pheasant ran accross one of the fields and on our way back through the industrial estate, 8 Feral Pigeons were on a factory roof, thats two embarassing patch ticks out of the way before the end of January. I can't believe I still need Pied Wagtail!

I will post the Cramlington Patch list league table towards the end of the week when I have everybodys totals.

44 - Rook
45 - Grey Partridge
46 - Peregrine
47 - Pheasant
48 - Feral Pigeon

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