Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I checked West Hartford this evening to try and scan through the gull flock but they took off as soon as I quietly approached. 2 Greylags had joined the Teal and Oystercatchers in the grass behind the main flash.
As I was leaving I spotted a Short Eared Owl sitting on a fence post, which overlooks a small flooded channel (ideal for voles), between the main flash and the marshy field.
It flew from the post and began hunting along the edge of the flash before dropping down onto something. Soon it was mobbed by Magpies and flew off towards the fields behind the flash.
This SEO looked darker than the bird I saw here last month, which was particularly pale.

I was able to get a lift down to Valley Park tonight to try for the Tawny Owls, which have been heard for over 6 weeks now.
The night was calm and still and as soon as I opened the car door to listen, a female Tawny Owl started calling from the edge of the trees opposite the houses. It didn’t take long until the male responded and the pair called non stop for 5 minutes.

75 - Tawny Owl

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