Thursday, 21 July 2011

The beauty of having a local patch

Last night I went to West Hartford to check the flashes in the hope that something rare had dropped in. Water level was still good but no hoped for Pect Sand or any waders for that matter, but this didn’t matter as common bird was about to make my day.

I was on my way home when I got a much-appreciated text from JM saying that he had a Yellowhammer singing in the hedgerow near the substation.
This was only the fifth record of Yellowhammer at WH, and since I had missed one twice already this year at WH I was keen to catch up with it.
It didn’t take long for it to start singing this time from the hedgerow behind the entrance plantation.

At last Yellowhammer is on my West Hartford list, now just another WH mega to find, House Sparrow!


Vanellus said...

Last year on a family holiday in Norfolk, I gained a list of 52 species viewed from the holiday cottage garden in one week, including Hobby and Kingfisher, but not a Dunnock in sight!!

Funny game, this birding.

Johnnykinson said...

I'm coming up on Sunday..........i'll fetch a couple along out of the garden.