Sunday, 3 July 2011

Will there be enough water?

I went to West Hartford for the first time since wednesday last night and in those few days all the water on the larger flash has gone. Only a small amount remains on the small flash.

Not much left

Also for the first time that I can remember at WH, someone has cut all of the grass behind the small flash along to the row of trees behind the substation. For grazing perhaps?

To be honest I wasn't at WH to check for waders but for Quail instead. There is a mile long stretch of Wheat/Barley fields between East and West Hartford. Nothing calling there last night unfortunately.

The only activity on the bird front was a Sparrowhawk chasing a Ringed Plover which managed to escape.

Perfect for a Quail


Crammy Birder said...

Does anybody know why there is such a big gap between my words and pictures, this always happens and this is why I don't put my pictures on more regularly. I have searched the internet for answers but nobody seems to know. Can anybody help?

Cain Scrimgeour said...

It sometimes does it, just hit backspace as if deleting and it normally, normally takes the gap away

Crammy Birder said...

It's mean to work but it never does for me, I use backspace but then I look in the preview box and it still shows gaps. It's really pissing me off

Cain Scrimgeour said...

Preview box sometimes shows one thing and publishes another like, keep up the photos though mate.