Saturday, 3 September 2011

Great and Green

I hadn’t planned to do any birding today but when I got a call from DMcK and offered a lift by LMcD to Arcot Pond , it seemed rude not to.

As soon as we arrived at the pond our target bird, a juvenile Great Crested Grebe was showing well in the middle of the pond with some Tufted Duck.
Soon after a Green Woodpecker began yaffling from the trees near the SW corner of the pond.

On our way back we called into West Hartford. 3 Snipe and a Greenshank were on the main pool and another unidentified wader flew through. I’m sure from what I briefly saw of it that it was a Ruff but like the probable Osprey earlier in the week, I will have to just forget about it.
As we were heading back a flock of 30 Redpoll flew south towards the industrial estate.

115 – Great Crested Grebe

116 – Green Woodpecker

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