Thursday, 13 October 2011


After arriving in Middlesbrough on monday I soon found out that a Lesser Scaup had been found on Tynemouth Boating Lake.
Trying to put it to the back of mind I got on with my work and after coming home last night I was able to get a lift down to Marden Quarry this morning.
After talking to JM he soon pointed out the Lesser Scaup - Lifer, which was behind a group of Tufted Duck near some willows. It stayed in the same area occasionally diving but not associating with the tufties.

On my way to Marden Quarry a group of 5 Redwing flew west over and there were at least 12 Blackbirds in the garden this morning. I'll have to keep an eye out for Fieldfare on the patch now.
Also a Merlin was hunting along side the train just outside of Seaham yesterday on my way back.

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