Monday, 3 October 2011

Wild and Fowl

When I arranged to meet someone in Duns regarding my university work a couple of week ago, I had planned to go by myself but it worked out even better as I was able to stay with friends who live in Jedburgh so had a few days in the borders at the end of last week.

I didn’t do much birding up there but on the way we quickly passed Monk’s House Pool where 2 Ross’s Geese were with 8 Barnacle Geese behind the pool. Although I can’t tick them yet it was still nice to see them even if it was a little strange seeing geese in the unseasonal warmth. I was suprised at how small the Ross’s Geese were, I’m sure the ones I looked after during my volunteering days at Washington WFP weren’t that small.
A few times they disappeared behind small tufts of grass surrounding the pool but never strayed far from the Barnacles.

I got a text on my way to Scotland about the Sandhill Crane over Newbiggin so I kept a close eye on any fields on my way home on Saturday, I even stopped at Catcleugh and Colt Crag Res as we were passing, I didn’t know it was in Lincolnshire at the time.

Yesterday SH had to drop his wife off somewhere in Durham so whilst in the area we spent the morning at a wet and deserted Saltholme.
Despite spending the best part of an hour in the rain looking for the Blue Winged Teal on the Allotment Pool (which is very hard work), it never showed itself. 2 Water Rails amongst the Moorhen on the pool were the highlight.
No sign of Pectoral Sandpiper on Back Saltholme from the hide just a Black Tailed Godwit and some Dunlin and a Little Egret.

Today is my first day back at university and I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw that a Blyth’s Pipit was seen earlier in Middlesbrough!!! WTF I don’t know the area where it was seen and it headed off SW.

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