Monday, 16 January 2012


We did two WEBS counts yesterday, First was the usual at Castle Island. It only took us 10 mins or so as the river was 90% frozen! Well it was -6 when I left the house.

Next it was onto Cresswell Pond where we did AMcL's count as he is on holiday. Being that bit more brackish than many of the other ponds Cresswell was only about half frozen.
The highlights were 200+ Pink Footed Geese circling the pond and 5 (4 Drakes) Red Breasted Merganser together.
Whilst watching the geese over the pond I noticed a lot of splashes in the water, expecting to see the Otter appear, I soon realised that it was Goose shite raining from above!
Also 12 Grey Partridge were active in the fields near the car park.

We checked the awkwardly placed Whooper Swan herd near Warkworth Lane but there was no sign of any Bewick's amongst them.
A single Whooper was attacking loafs of bread at QE2 with the Mutes. The Redhead Smew was also distantly seen at the back of the lake with a few Goosander.

Last stop was at Woodhorn south pool. Again mostly frozen but still held a few Shoveler and a Med Gull was amongst the gulls on the ice.
A flock of 9 Skylark were feeding in the field between the pool and the road. We then decided to check the fields surrounding the nearby Summerhouse Lane Pond. Whilst walking past the small channel behind the pond 2 Common and 1 Jack Snipe lifted.
I didn't see a single Jack Snipe last year, missing the one at Cresswell.

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