Friday, 20 January 2012


After completing a bird survey at Mayfield Cemetery in High Pit this morning I needed to drop something off at Seghill. On the way I sent a few minutes checking Seghill Nature Reserve.

As usual the reeds are so overgrown that they block the view of the water. I found a patch of flattened reeds left of the hide and scanned from there.
Apart from a pair of Mute Swans it was very quiet. I then heard movement behind me and saw something run along the edge of the stream that runs past the landfill site, and land in the pipe, which connects, to the pond.
As I went up to the pipe to investigate a Water Rail jumped out of the pipe, landed on the flattened reeds next to the hide and then flew off into the thicker reeds.

No gulls were in the surrounding fields, or anything else, it was all very quiet.

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