Monday, 21 January 2013

Crept into the garden

Whilst going to close my window this morning as the freezing wind blew in a snow shower I could hear a familiar song. At first I couldn't place but then as it continued on and off for a few minutes I realised it was another garden first, a Treecreeper!
Despite searching the limited number of trees in the garden I couldn't see it and a few minutes after it stopped singing I could hear it again this time further east in my neighbours garden.
It's not unusual for one to turn up in a garden during these conditions but I never thought I would get one due to the lack of trees but I have seen Treecreeper less than half a mile from my house  on Crowhall Lane and JM did have one along the section of the Horton Burn nearest to my house the other day.

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John Malloy said...

mmm, very stringy :-)