Thursday, 24 January 2013

Garden tick of a different kind

At 12:40 last night I was checking to see if it was snowing when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye moving accross the school field. Expecting to see a cat I was suprised when I looked closer and saw that it was a Fox!
It scurried off straight up the middle of the field and disappeared into the shadows around the school pond. Everytime I have seen a Fox in the past particularly urban ones, they tend to turn around a lot and just generally take more notice of their surroundings. This fox just seemed in a hurry to cross the field and I didn't see it again over the next half an hour.
The closest I have seen a fox to my house in the past is around the Crowhall Lane area but people have told me that they sometimes see one near the Brockwell centre. I wonder if this fox was just forced out of its usual area by the snow or if it has been around more regularly and I was only able to see it last night because of the snow?

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