Friday, 16 August 2013


After reading Stewart's latest post:
It got me thinking about when I was out last week with LMcD. At a few separate locations we heard either individual or small parties of Crossbill passing over. There aren't many around anywhere at the moment and Lindsay said that when he was in the scottish highlands in May he only heard and saw three!
The day we heard them roughly coincided with the first Two-barred Crossbill sightings in the country. One place we had a few pass over was East Cramlington LNR, there are probably a few in the plantations around there.

I have tried a few times this week for the female Garganey at Arcot Pond but without a scope and in poor light. Yesterday I got there a bit earlier and thought I was onto it when another swam out form behind the island making me think that I was probably looking at Teal rather than two female Garganey.

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John Malloy said...

Agreed. One for the plantation behind the sub-station.