Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Early Viking?

Had another morning out with LMcD today starting at West Hartford and Arcot Pond. WH was dead and Arcot wasn't much better although I finally managed to catch up with the Garganey and clawed back a female Shoveler.

Next we headed for Druridge Bay. On the way we stopped at a dried out Lynemouth Flash but did see something unusual there. A Jackdaw amongst a flock of 50 or so had a full white collar all the way around its neck. Seen quite closely it definitely wasn't molt feathers but it seems too early for a bird showing Nordic characteristics. Any suggestions? Also 30+ Linnet were on the mud

Not much else to report for Cresswell other than four Greenshank and an Avocet. The last month was and continues to be hard work.

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