Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Am I doing something wrong?

After news broke of the Yellow Rumped Warbler's location in Durham on Sunday morning I was soon there with JM and MA. The bird hadn't been seen for about an hour so like the 50+ people now gathered we wandered around the estate. Since the area it had been favouring was along the back of the estate we could see into peoples gardens and a lot of the gardens had not just feeders but feeding stations.
With rumours that the Warbler had just been photographed in a garden and was now amongst a flock of Goldfinch everybody lined up and scanned the gardens.
As we watched and waited, three Waxwings landed in a nearby tree. To most present this provided a brief distraction from the tense situation but to me this and the next few minutes were the highlight of the trip. With more rumours that it had moved further down once again we decided to stay watching the feeding station and play it cool. So whilst most charged away like a hoard of blood thirsty zombies we watched as the charm of 30+ Goldfinch danced around the feeders along with a single Lesser Redpoll, Willow Tit, Brambling and the Waxwings.
 Once the sighting was confirmed we moved down and got some ok views of the warbler. Highlights were when its Yellow rump was visible and when it ticked like a Robin as it flew along the area of scrub bordering the estate.

Dont get me wrong I like seeing any new bird but I had more enjoyment out of watching the feeding station than actually seeing the Warbler. It happened again today when I stepped onto the drive, I heard the familiar call of a Reed Bunting and look around just in time to see it fly passed from the neighbours fence. This garden first was almost as enjoyable as all of sunday. I'll never be a twitcher.


Killy Birder said...

No, your doing everything correctly.;-)

Stevie Evans said...

i would agree, the Waxwings def the highlight of my 18 mile walk round trip to Schincliffe.