Thursday, 6 February 2014

Local interesting

I was out again at the weekend with Cain. Despite the strong winds we headed to the Beacon Lane-Arcot area. At last the Little Owl was showing itself form the usual tree on the bend along Beacon Lane.

The winds had forced the golfers off the course at Arcot so we had a good wander around there. Going off the beaten track we ended up in a thick area of scrub somewhere on the course. Roe Deer flitted passed and a Woodcock lifted from the damp ground.
Unable to describe where I had seen the Woodcock I went back yesterday with Liver Birder and showed him. No sign of any Woodcock but Roe Deer still present as was the Little Owl along the Lane. Also a Hare ran through the undergrowth, not habitat I'm used to seeing them in.

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