Friday, 20 February 2009

The Hide

I have just finished watching a film called The Hide, which was on Film 4, I think it repeats tonight, I’m always a bit wary about Film 4 films because they have their fair share of crap but I stuck at it and found what I thought was a canny decent film.
It’s the first film I have ever heard of which uses a bird hide as it’s setting. One of the characters search for a Sociable Plover in Suffolk is the starting point and the film digresses from there but he does make references to a Zitting Cisticola in a car park somewhere and other lifers on his list.
It starts of slow but is worth sticking at, I did get confused when he mentioned something he had seen on the Blyth Estuary in Suffolk.
The line, ‘‘Chicken is a product not a bird’’, is the most memorable.I see there are still some Waxwings around Crammy with five near Shankhouse this morning. I had 30+ House Sparrows and 10+ Long Tailed Tits in my garden this morning, no sign of the Bullfinches since Monday.

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