Sunday, 1 February 2009

Iceland Gulls

I took Blyth birders advice today and went to Blyth Harbour for white winged gulls between 11:30 and 12:15.
The usual suspects were around Eider, 2 female Mergansers, 3 Juv Shag, Cormorants etc but no seal.
I then checked the harbour in front of the Harbour master office and found a Juv Iceland feeding on the seaweed with GBB’s.
I have never seen Iceland’s this close up and the bright whiteness and long wings really stood out.
It soon got spooked and flew around the harbour out of sight.
The weather wasn’t as bad as yesterday so I tried to get some decent shots of Eiders and other gulls until I had found the Iceland again.
After a few shots of the Eiders the Iceland Gull swam out from under the pier and I got the photos above.
I watched it for another 15 minutes as it flew around the harbour before it flew further up and joined another Juv Iceland. I was going to get a photo but they were slightly further out and a mini hail shower was starting so I went home to watch the dooms day derby instead
I’m guessing that the Gull I photographed is a 1st winter but I’m not sure.


Alan T said...

Very confiding bird, we were there just before you this morning.

Stewart said...

Nice pics Phil, and yes technically it is a fw, but in large gulls they retail full juvenile plumage and dont have a distinct fw plumage like, say, BH Gulls. They start to change in their first summer / second winter. Great birds, you had some nice views there.

Blyth Birder said...

Good effort CB.

Now get yourself to Linton Ponds - wait a while and there's a good chance the Glaucous Gull will make an appearance.

Compared to Iceland Gulls, Glaucs are monsters.