Monday, 2 February 2009

Thirsty Waxwings?

I was doing the usual route to school past Parkside this morning when I heard a trilling noise nearby, then I saw 16 Waxwings in the main tree of the Blagdon Arms Beer Garden. It was starting to snow so I only saw them briefly and when I went back at lunchtime they had gone.
Just seen a report of a Bittern at Alberlady Bay, another example of how widespread they are becoming this winter. After seeing this report I am not ruling one off my Arcot Pond list, yer the cold must be going to my head.


Blyth Birder said...

Some lucky birder from Blyth woke up to find a Corncrake on his back garden lawn a few years back.

Not sure you can rule anything out.

ps: It wasn't me.

Newton Stringer said...

Wow !! I'd love to have a cornflake in my garden !!

Nice waxer find crammy !!