Sunday, 14 June 2009

In Focus

I went to In Focus at Hauxley N.R today to get a new pair of binoculars, ones that could actually pick out detail unlike my old pair.

I tried out a few different pairs outside, which were in my price range. I was looking for the usual things, good long and short distance, not to heavy and comfortable to hold.
Almost straight away I found the right pair, Opticron 8 x 42.
They were slightly lighter than the others I tested as well as having a wider field of vision, (if that’s the right term?)

I tested my new bins around the reserve but there wasn’t much around apart from the usual flocks of geese in the fields and on the water, saying that I didn’t look the whole way around the reserve.

We stopped at East Chevington, where 30+ Common Tern and 15+ Sandwich Tern were sitting on the rocks and mud. A couple of Redshank were in the low water along with 7 Little Gulls.


St said...

how are you finding those bins?
i was thinking of a pair for myself

Crammy Birder said...

Hi, I tried the bins out last night and would definately recommend them. They are light and easy to hold.Also it is very easy to change the focus quickly from long to short distance.

St said...