Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Saltholme and St.Mary's

We decided to go to Saltholme yesterday but on the way stopped at St.Mary’s as the Marsh Warbler was still in The Gut.
There weren’t as many birders around and many of them were looking in the wrong place.
The Warbler called from the middle of the willows but didn’t show so we headed off to Saltholme.
I had not been to the new centre and pools surrounding it at Saltholme before so over two hours we had a good walk around and look from the hides.
The two things that I was most impressed by were that people were constantly maintaining the site by cutting the grass so that you could see from the hides instead of having to reach out and pull the grass out yourself. Also it is free to enter the site and it only costs to park a car!

From the Saltholme Pools hide there were 70+ Canada Geese most of which had goslings. Greylags were also amongst the Canada flock and on the water.
There presence seemed to scare everything else away so only a hand full of wildfowl, mostly Tufted and Pochard, were on the water along with a pair of Great Crested Grebe and Little grebe. A few Common Tern were fishing in front of the hide.

From the Paddy’s Pool hide the majority of the island was taken up by nesting Common Terns with a few BH Gulls and their chicks.

On the way to the Wildlife Watch point a yellow Wagtail flew overhead.
From the watch point/ hide there was another Yellow Wagtail showing well on the waderless scrapes along with a Stock Dove.
On the way out I searched most of the Pylons but they were all raptor less.

It was then a choice between Dorman’s Pool or another stab at the Marsh Warbler, I chose the Marsh Warbler not realising that the Great White Egret was showing well on Dorman’s.
I still don’t understand this thing about if a bird is at a site for over two weeks it stops getting reported.

I went to the north end of The Gut near to where I had been before, when after five minutes a Whitethroat flush the Marsh Warbler- Lifer, and it began to sing near the edge of the Willows.
I saw it drop further down into the willows before it flew onto the top for all of five seconds before disappearing back into the middle of the willows.


Alan Tilmouth said...

It'll still get reported on Bird North East if someone tells us about it.

Blyth Birder said...

I think that GWE goes AWOL for periods and then re-appears which explain why its not on the pager daily.